What is a Personal Historian?

The big question! What is a Personal Historian? To be completely transparent, I’d never heard the name until about five years ago, even though I’d been writing personal histories for nearly 20 years.

Many people, when they hear the name Personal Historian, think of a genealogist. And sure, the two can, at times, move among each other. However, while a genealogist digs into the past, a Personal Historian tells the past through written, oral and sometimes video.

My specialty is the written form – books! And, there are dozens of ways to tell a written family history. Take for example a recipe book with traditional and nostalgic recipes your family grew up with. Food tells a history from an ethnic upbringing to reminiscing over family picnics. People love and bond over food. We meet our future loves, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime vacations and even hide our pain in food. It tells a story. Now, imagine your legacy being told to your grand children with short vignettes of your life alongside recipes that helped you through your life.

As your Personal Historian, I’d love to tap into your passions and find a unique way to tell your story. Will a standard autobiography do? Or, would you prefer a book filled with photos and vignettes of those lesser-known moments that are often forgotten in time? Do you want to tell the story of your RV trip around the country, or your backpacking travels alone through Europe or South America?

Through interviews, journals, photos and online research we can work together to tell your story.