What is a Personal Historian?

While I write, edit, and help people publish their stories, blog posts and web-copy, a huge part of my business is being a personal historian. While “writer” covers the generality of my work, “personal historian” is a detailed expression of most projects I work on.

The term “Personal Historian” is a person who writes, records, or chronicles peoples’ lives. I help people create a personal legacy by writing their memoirs or autobiography in a format called “as told by”.

“As told by” books are written based on interviews with the client, family and friends, and some research. These books tend not to focus on ideas such as a motivational speaker, but rather talk about an experience(s) and your learning or emotions surrounding that experience. Essentially these books are you telling your story often for the purpose of preserving your legacy.

While most of the book will be your words, my job is to interview, transcribe, and put your words into a way that makes sense for you and the reader. Then I fill in the blanks where necessary.

The goal of “as told to” books are to leave a legacy by putting your life into your own words. The typical person who hires a personal historian has attempted to write a book many times and may need a little help.