The Process

Telling a person’s history is all about digging into your past. That might mean digging through a box of old photos, pulling out dusty diaries, or sitting down for a recorded chat over coffee.

Short Interview:

We always start with a short interview to discuss what you are looking for. You might know exactly the stories you want to tell and how to present them. Or, you might have no clue. In our first discussion, I will talk to you about the types of books that might work for you, how you would like to present your book and the cost associated with the work.

Information Gathering:

Information gathering is exactly as it sounds. Through interviews, notes, diaries, journals, newspaper articles and any research we dig up we will build the stories and information needed to build your book.


The writing may begin at the end of the information gathering or at the same time. This is probably going to be the longest part of the process, however, fear not, we will be in contact regularly to ensure the writing fits your needs. Every book will be different and that goes for the length as well.

Assembling the interior and cover:

Whether I work with a designer or complete the design of the interior and cover on my own, this stage is all about building a presentation.

Binding and Printing: As we are working on your book I will contact several book printers in the U.S. to find the most affordable printer who can provide excellent quality.