I help you put together a single memoir or collection of life stories for you to pass on to family, friends or employees. From interviewing to writing I prepare your manuscript. Then it’s on to the printers. We sit down to discuss and then implement your publishing needs and I work with the printers to assemble the book you are looking for.


Most people at some time in their life will attempt to write an autobiography. However, without the experience, this can be a daunting task. I will work with you to put together a full biography of your life from interviews with you, your family and friends to reviewing journals, diaries, articles and more. Then I will write a manuscript and work with printers to complete the book you’ve always wanted.

Heritage Cookbook

For many of us, our family history and traditions can be told with those nostalgic recipes passed down from one generation to the next. A heritage cookbook is an amazing way to combine your family history along with great recipes you’d hate to see forgotten to future generations. Whether written as a remembrance, tribute or legacy this is a unique way to tell your story.

Short and Sweet

Many people aren’t ready, or may not want to compile an entire book, however, they do have stories, life lessons or ethical wills they would like to create for their family and friends. While frequently shorter pieces, these documents over time can provide a glimpse into your life and thoughts.

Memoir Coach

There are a lot of reasons to hire someone to help write your life story: convenience, professionalism or you just don’t know where to start. But, what if you want to write your life story but feel like it’s an overwhelming task? I can sit down with you to piece together a plan, offer tips, insight, and feedback as you write out your stories. This is a great way for you to satisfy your creative urges as well as have a writing mentor on your side.


Editing is just as important, and many will argue more, than the writing itself. Whether you have short or long texts I am an expert in both AP and The Chicago Manual of Style. Whether you are writing a book or adding web-content and blogs to your website having an editor at your side will add professionalism that many fail to achieve as they present their ideas, thoughts, and knowledge.

Blogs and all the other stuff

As any freelance writer will tell you, “I have what I love, I have my niche, and I have all my other stuff.” After working in the writing industry for so long it is inevitable that a writer will adapt to the changes and progress in technology, trends, and industries. Blog writing has been the biggest addition to my repertoire covering dozens of industries. While my focus is on small businesses, I have also written for large companies and personal blogs.

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