Rates and Services

Cost plays an important role when deciding which writer you work with. Below you will find my prices for most of the types of projects I work on over the course of a year. Though, it is important to consider that these prices may not reflect every project, nor do I list every type of project I work on. So, if you have an idea for a book or other writing project don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your project specifically.

That being said, the vast majority of projects will fall under these prices.

Forms of acceptable payment

  • Square: most of my clients are invoiced online through Square. This is a free service that allows you to pay online using a credit or debit card.
  • Cash for local clients
  • Crypto-currency: Preferred crypto-currencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, though I will accept others upon request. Please note that I charge an additional 10% premium to use Crypto-currency due to the volatility of the crypto markets.
  • Tangible assets: A different approach which I have started accepting due to request are tangible assets. Though, not as common, I love collecting coins. I will accept pre-determined and PCGS certified numismatic coins including gold and silver. I will also accept uncertified coins, though this is reserved for local payments only as I will need to evaluate the value.
  • Barter: Since I run a business an income is important. However, I also understand that for many people and companies, trading can be equally valuable. You may pitch a trade, though, please understand it is rare I accept, though not impossible. Generally, I will trade with local clients rather than distance.
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards are a great way to help people tell their story or use any of my other services. Buy gift cards for yourself, family and friends, or even to help a stranger. You can buy Cafe Legacy gift cards here, or visit my gift card page.
  • Donations: Donations can be made by friends, family, or anyone and directed toward your project. If you have someone interested in donating to your project they can donate here and contact me with where they would like their donation to go.

FAQ: Why don’t I accept Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, or Venmo anymore? I used to accept as many payment forms as clients requested, however, after several clients asked me to seek an alternative to Paypal I found that Square is a much simpler tool for all of my clients (those who use Paypal and those who do not). This change has allowed me to streamline my invoicing and client tracking, as well as helped me manage my business with more tools. While the Zelle, Cash App, and Venmo are great person-to-person money exchanges, for a business they pose several risks and are not intended for small business transactions.

FAQ: Why do you accept crypto-currency when you do not accept other payment options? Crypto-currency is admittedly new, though in the past two years I have had several customers who only use crypto-currency for payments. The difference is that I have had several clients who prefer not to use Paypal and just as many who request to use Crypto-currency.

Packages and Prices for Services

The following is a quick preview of prices. Scroll down to see a breakdown for each.

  • Standard book rates ($75/hour)
  • Popular book packages
    • Q/A Memoirs *Best Value*: $1,600 (Deposit $500)
    • Quick Novel: $6,500 (deposit: $2000)
    • Basic “as told to”: $4,500 (deposit: $1500)
    • Standard “as told to”: $6,500 (deposit: ($2000)
    • Advanced “as told to”: $12,000 (deposit: $4000)
  • Book Publishing: Detailed list coming soon. Contact for current rates.
  • Writing coach: $45/hour in 5+hour increments
  • Editing: $35/hour invoiced weekly
  • Blog Writing: $0.05/word to $0.25/word
  • Additional Projects: Detailed list coming soon. Contact for current rates.

Standard Book Rates

When hiring me to write a book you will have two options. Hire me to write your book at the standard hourly rate, or through one of my flat rate book packages (see below for book package pricing). The standard book rate, since it is hourly, this rate is more flexible to your needs. Standard book rates work well for:

  • Fiction with complicated plot lines
  • Non-fiction which requires extensive research.
  • Non-fiction which requires extensive interviews.
  • Non-fiction based on the client’s unique theories or ideas. These are often spiritual in nature but may also include business and motivational books.

Deposit: 30% of estimated overall cost. The deposit will not reflect the overall cost but is based on my initial estimate. The overall cost of the book may differ from the estimate.

Rate: hourly rate is predetermined based on your project and other considerations. Hourly projects are pre-paid in 5+ hour increments to better accommodate your budget.

  • All work from project is billable (phone calls, transcription, writing, editing, research, etc.)
  • Travel costs will be discussed on an as needed basis.
  • Additional material required by client will be provided by client or paid for prior to purchase.

Timeline: Highly variable, though the average book can be completed in 6-12 months.

Popular Book Packages

Over the years I tend to receive similar requests for books. These books may be unique in content, but general in regard to type. Since the process rarely changes for these books, I’ve created packages to simplify the process and provide a clear cost. As a writer I deal with word count more than page count, but I will provide both for better understanding.

Please keep in mind that all pages are based on Times New Roman font, 12 pt., double-spaced, 1” margins. This is industry standard for submissions when working with literary agents and publishers. Word count is how I will determine length.

*Quick note on “as told to” books. The goal of an “as told to” book is to tell your personal story. The vast majority of information will come from you and while you will express your opinions, the general focus of the book will not be based on personal theories, political, or military strategies, but rather your experiences and relevant emotions and opinions of those experiences.

Q/A Memoirs *Best Value” – $1,600

Q/A are your best value when it comes to writing memoirs. This is a simple, quick, and fun way to tell your life story while keeping your budget low. In this package I will interview you based on a list of predetermined questions. I will then transcribe that interview and format into book form and create a cover. Then I will have your book printed to pass out as you wish. You will receive ten printed books upon completion of the project with the ability to order more.


  • Up to 5 hours of interviews
  • Interviews transcribed
  • Book formatted as a Q/A session with all questions and answers
  • Basic book cover (front, spine, back)
  • 10 copies of book with package
  • Ability to purchase more physical copies of book
  • Add photos to book for $10 per image

*This book can be made available as an eBook for an additional fee.

Deposit: $500

Payments: $500 after interviews are complete, $500 after completion of transcription

Final Payment: $100, when formatting of book is complete and before printing.

The quick novel – $6,500

The quick novel package is for the person who has a general idea for a novel, but just wants me to take that idea and run with it. The quick novel can be published as-is when completed, or you can use my draft and make changes and additions as you see fit. The quick novel tends to be for people who have always wanted to see their idea in print, but don’t know if they have the skills to bring their idea to light.

Keep in mind the quick novel is more suited for self-publishing and tends to be about 45,000 to 50,000 words. Most of the quick novel packages I’ve worked on have turned into series that often result in me writing the first 2-3 books, coaching on the client writing the 3rd or 4th book, and then the client moving on writing their own future books.

While I work with any genre, lately I have enjoyed science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and classic horror.


  • Preparation and basic outline of book idea
  • Draft of up to 50,000 words
  • Edit and proofread
  • Interior formatted for Amazon publishing (KDP.com)
  • I will provide a Word and .pdf upon request. Project will also be shared in Google Drive.
  • I will also provide Style sheets with a list of names, places, and other information you may need for future books.

Deposit: $2,000

Payments: $4,000 broken into equal weekly or biweekly payments per discussion.

Final Payment: $500 paid upon completion.

Basic “As told to” memoir or autobiography: $4,500

The basic package is ideal for people who want to complete their memoir or autobiography but are not sure how they want to publish the completed work yet. This package will work for most people who have led a relatively normal life, with a couple great adventures or unique experiences.


  • Up to 6 hours of interviews
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Relevant research
  • Creative writing to bring transcription to life.
  • Edit and proofread
  • I will provide a Word and .pdf upon request. Project will also be shared in Google Drive.
  • Up to 125 pages (32,000 words)

*The basic package will be ready to submit for publication at a later date. Due to publishing costs, this package is a great way to complete your memoir and save the publishing expense for later. We can always meet once the project is done to complete publishing.

Deposit: $1,500

Payments: $2,500 broken into equal weekly or biweekly payments per discussion.

Final Payment: $500 paid upon completion.

Standard “as told to” memoir or autobiography: $6,500

The standard package is ideal for people who want to complete their memoir or autobiography and want to self-publish the completed work through Amazon. This package is ideal for the average person who has had something significant happen in their life such as a difficult situation, military experience, and sometimes running a small business.


  • All from the Basic package, plus the following:
  • 2 additional interview hours
  • Formatting for eBook and physical book through Amazon (KDP.com)
  • Up to 175 pages (44,000 words)

*The standard package will be formatted for publication through Amazon’s KDP.com service. This will include relevant from and back matter (title page, copyright page, table of contents, etc.)

*Adding images to the book is an additional $10 per image.

Deposit: $2,000

Payments: $4,000 broken into equal weekly or biweekly payments per discussion.

Final Payment: $500 paid upon completion.

Advanced “as told to” memoir or autobiography: $12,000

Advanced “as told to” books are typically written by small business owners, minor celebrities, and local politicians. While these books can be published through outlets such as Amazon (KDP.com), if self-published, I will recommend other publishing options to create a higher-level book.

  • All from the Basic package, plus the following:
  • 6 additional interview hours
  • Formatting for eBook and physical book through Amazon (KDP.com) or alternative publishing.
  • Up to 250 pages (65,000 words)
  • $1000 credit toward publishing plans

Deposit: $4,000

Payments: $7,000 broken into equal weekly or biweekly payments per discussion.

Final Payment: $1000 paid upon completion.


Most books that I work on are published through Amazon.com’s publishing unit KDP. They are published as both physical and ebook. Due to consistent requests for publishing along with the writing and editing of books I have added several ad-hoc publishing services and publishing packages. Please note that I work with a team of illustrators to produce covers and I do not illustrate the covers myself. The formatting, submissions, and set-up is done by me.

Please note that services listed below are for standard books and not coffee table books or books where illustration is the main theme such as photography, coloring books, graphic novels, etc. For these types of books please contact me to discuss your project in more detail.

List of most common services and their prices are listed below:

  • Interior formatting without pictures or illustration: $2.50/page
  • Interior formatting including client-submitted illustration for beginning of chapters and section breaks – $3.00/page
  • Photos: $10/client-submitted photo.
  • eBook cover design: $300
  • Full cover design: $600
  • Setting up a KDP  account, uploading your documents, review of documents, and tutorial: $250
  • Updating KDP submissions after completion of project, is invoiced at $45/hour with a one hour minimum.
  • Other services are provided, please contact for queries

Writing Coach

Are you ready to get into your book but don’t know where to start? Have you run out of steam during the middle of your book? Whether you hire a coach to offer encouragement and show you little tricks to keep your book interesting and moving forward, or you just want someone to walk you through the process a good writing coach can be indispensable. I provide one-on-one coaching for your memoirs, autobiography, novel, and query letters.

Cost is $45/hour in 5+hour increments.

Blog writing

I’ve written on nearly any type of content you can imagine from dog breeding to crypto-currency to the webcam business. However, some of my favorite subjects and most written include real estate, saving and investments, and nutrition. 

Blogs post costs range $0.05/word to $0.25/word depending on the research needed.

I initially charge per word to start and if our working-relationship continues I will consider a flat rate per post.


I charge a flat rate of $35/hour for editing and proofreading.

Additional Projects

At times I receive requests for other projects such as typing out a handwritten book, audio transcription, book layout, etc. I am currently working on a price list specific to these offerings.

Please contact me with inquiries and I can provide a cost or estimate.