Donations for Bernadette

Donation for Bernadette McClafferty

Donations for Bernadette McClafferty

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Free copy of “First Visit” for any donation over $100. Please ensure your email address is correct so we can contact you for your address when the book is ready to be shipped.

Bernadette McClafferty has worked with over 400 terminal patients. During this time she took extensive notes on what she could only describe as “first visits.” These are the moments preceding death where her patients seem to have been visited by former friends, family, and loved ones who passed away. While some visits indicate a comforting passage into the next world, others are seemingly more nefarious in their visits.

First hand accounts, note taking, video, and family member interviews have led Bernadette on her journey to discover “what exactly are these first visits?” and her own interpretation of these ethereal visits that occur with a striking number of her patients.

Your donation to Bernadette’s project will help her cover all costs associated with the writing of her book, book cover costs, and publishing her book.

Bernadette has dedicated her life to helping others. Due to her dyslexia, writing a book on her own, while she’s tried numerous times, has become a steep obstacle to overcome. It is that reason why Bernadette has chosen to work with Jody Mabry of Cafe Legacy to complete her personal legacy. In the end she hopes to educate and help loved ones decipher the final days and moments they spend with their loved ones.

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