Gift Cards and Donations

Every year dozens of people contact me interested in writing a book, but are struggling financially and can’t afford to hire a professional writer. When I began Cafe Legacy my goal was to provide an opportunity for everyone to tell their story regardless of income level. Yet, over time I have struggled to find balance between providing services and running my business. Last year I took the first steps toward achieving my goal by offering referral fees which can be used as either a passive income or as credit toward a project. I had offered referral fees to a limited number of clients and it went well. So, in 2019, I opened the opportunity to everyone and the feedback has been great. Though, it is still does not achieve my goal of providing an opportunity for everyone to tell their story regardless of income level.

This year I have been searching for new opportunities and thanks to my friends at Square, I now offer gift cards and accept donations, both of which are the next step to attaining my goals.

Below you will find detailed information for gift cards and donations, as well as a list of current clients in need of financial assistance.


Gift cards are a great way to help others pay for writing and publishing services as well as create a future budget for yourself. Here are three ways that clients use gift cards:

  • Gift card to manage your budget: Gift cards are a great way to manage your budget when you are dedicating money for a specific project. When you have funds available simply purchase a gift card for a custom amount and you can redeem them whenever you’d like.
  • Gift cards for friends and family: I provide a long list of services from small writing projects such as blog posts, to books, editing, publishing, and writing mentor/coach. If you know someone interested in any of my services this is a nice way to help jumpstart their project.
  • Altruism: At the bottom of this page you will find an upated list of people in need of financial assistance to complete their project. Simply use the email address when filling out the gift card form and notify me who you would like to gift card to be given to, or if you want me to decide.

Gift cards are redeemable for any Cafe Legacy service, and can only be used for Cafe Legacy Services. E-gift cards are not redeemable for cash, eligible for a refund, and I cannot provide a cash balance for unused amounts.



Donations are an altruistic way to help others write their book. Additionally, donation can be used for a group of people to contribute funds for a single project. For example, four grandchildren each contribute money toward writing a memoir about their grandmother.

How to make a donation:

  • The “donate here” link below will prompt you to a donation page for unspecified project donations or group donations to a single project.
  • Each donation link for the projects below will prompt you to a donation page for that project.
  • Donations can be made in amounts between $1 and $5,000 and that amount will be applied to each project. Projects will start and continue forward incrementally as donations come in. If you would like to donate more than $5,000 you can submit multiple donations, or contact me for other options.


Current Projects awaiting donations

(Last update: April 22, 2020)

*Please note that donations can be made in any amount for the below projects. Your donation, may, but does not need to be for the entire amount. Each donation will be applied to your preferred recipient as a cumulative total. I have agreed to work on each project incrementally whether it takes months or years to complete.


Estimated budget: $6,500

Project: Donna would like to write her memoirs focused on an emotionally abusive marriage that existed over thirty years ago and with the harrassment continuing to this day. Donna has nearly 40 pages of notes documenting her experiences, but still needs significant interviewing, transcription, and writing to be completed. She would also like to self-publish her book which is completed in the estimated budget.

Due to financial and technological constraints Donna is unable to complete her book.

Donate to Donna’s Project Here


Estimated budget: $8,000

Project: It took Steven nearly 17 years to write his last book based on a life experience. Due to his life made public with a recent documentary touching on some of his memoir he is prepared to start a new memoir delving deeper into questions from the documentary and his first memoir. Unfortunately, recent hurricanes have been costly and depleted his funds.

Steven has hundreds of hours of audio and personal notes to begin his project and is trying to recover from hurricane expenses to begin his next book.

Donate to Steven’s Project Here


Estimated budget: $10,000+ to cover multiple projects.

Project: Nick has numerous projects he wants to work on from criminal justice to the paranormal, though there are a couple that are more near his heart. Due to physical ailments and chronic pain writing and focus are his biggest challenges.

Nick has prepared multiple non-fiction books that are ready to be written, but recently losing his decades-long occuparion in criminal justice due to disability, he would like to transition into the world of writing and magazine publishing.

Donate to Nick’s Project(s) Here

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