Books and Short Stories

I’ve been ghostwriting fiction and writing memoirs, autobiographies and business books for nearly twenty years. I’ve been one of the few lucky people in life who’ve had the experience to learn how to tell from perspective and as you can see with several of my books below I write from a variety of views whether that it gender, middle-grade to adult, socio-economic and historical. Growing up, I was told that a successful writer needed to pick their niche and stick to it. I guess I failed at that because from my own books and stories, to those I wrote for others I’ve hit a broad sweep from middle-grade boy’s adventures to my Erotic Arcadia series. I touch on fantasy, mystery and thriller as well as memoirs and autobiographies which the last few years have become the staple of my business.

The representation below is a small sampling of my twenty years writing. To date, I’ve written over 200 books, the vast majority of which were written for people like yourself who want to write a book or collaborate on writing a book, but have no idea where to start… or end (publishing).

While some books are independently written by me, others, most others, are contracted to write or provide content editing. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like some references regarding the work I’ve done.