About Me

stone arch
A summer at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.

Over twenty years experience, over 200 books, and dozens of awards. I love my writing life and often feel I am only beginning.

Welcome to Cafe Legacy, where I help you to leave a legacy for your family, friends or business. I came up with the name for my business by combining the two things that best represent my business. When I think of writers, my mind often spins to the heyday of the 1920s Paris and writers such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald assembling their next masterpiece at local cafes. And second, my work is about providing you a legacy – something that you will be remembered by.

Everyone has a story to tell, whether that is a memoir of your trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, your time in the military or even the trials of being a stay at home parent. A legacy is something you are leaving to future generations. You might want to impart advice, leave a written history of your life, or simply let go of all those secrets hidden in your closet. Whatever your motivation, leaving a chronicle of your life for future generations is a great way to secure your legacy.

You can probably think of an ancestor who passed generations ago who you can say,

“Gosh! I would have loved to know what their life was like.” And it’s inevitable that your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond will ask the same of you. So, why not preserve your knowledge and lasting written form with supplemental images and vignettes capturing what it was like to be you.

My journey began in 1996 when I began writing simple autobiographies for seniors in a retirement home in Hattiesburg, MS. That experience built a lifelong curiosity in me to know more about… well, everyone. I learned that every person has a story to tell, and every story is different.


My 20-year adventure has been filled with the recording of hundreds of people, each with their own reasons to tell their story and each who revealed to me something unexpected to me and their children.

My goal is to work with you to build a written history of you. This is something that you can pass on to future generations. This is your story.

I have four children ranging from two years to 22 years (Yep, you read that right!) While the two youngest are home with us, my two older boys are off on their own adventures, one preparing a bike ride across the country and the other heading off to Nashville to chase his dreams on stage.

I love what I do and have had the luxury of living in several places throughout my life, all of which provide me a bit more perspective and exposure to the world around me. I’ve had the opportunity to live in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mississippi, California, Arkansas as well as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and St. Croix USVI.