New Book on Surviving Domestic Violence – “Rebirth of a Lotus: Escaping Domestic Abuse,” by Lucy R. Rodriguez

I’d like to introduce everyone to a remarkable book by Lucy R. Rodriguez and her experiences overcoming domestic abuse. Lucy has spent nearly two decades working on her book and portrays what life is like in an abusive relationship, and regaining strength to graduate college, raise her children, and become an advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Lucy is an amazing woman and I will always cherish the time we spent working together. She has an optimistic spirit and has been open to speaking with and encouraging other women with similar experiences. While working with Lucy, two things that stand out to me are her experiences in a women’s shelter which are not often spoken about in books on domestic and sexual abuse. Also, uniquely, her son Emilio designed one of the most stunning covers I’ve seen. This mother and son contribution to women will be a legacy that lasts decades.

Lucy R. Rodriguez’s book, Rebirth of a Lotus: Escaping Domestic Abuse, is available in paperback and eBook, both through

Note on domestic, child and sexual abuse

It is estimated that one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime and often from someone they know. First occurrences of domestic violence occur between the ages of 18-24 (38.6%), followed by 11-17 (22.4%). Child abuse statistics are just as startling some of which can be found here.

It can be difficult to report domestic, sexual, or child abuse, but if you suspect abuse exists, reporting it can help prevent the abuse from continuing, and may even save a life.

I am a writer who focuses on helping victims of domestic, sexual, and child abuse tell their stories to let others know they are not alone. There is a way out. There are people and programs dedicated to helping you survive abusive situations and thrive in your life outside of abuse.

If you would like more information on programs that can help, would like to speak with Lucy, or want to tell your own story of surviving abuse, please feel free to contact me.

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