“Hot Fudge” now available on Amazon!

Hey Everyone! I’d like to introduce the reprint of Richard Spilman’s Hot Fudge, a New York Times Notable Book. It was originally published by Simon and Schuster with critical accolades. I was lucky enough to work on the second edition and release it under Moon Valley Press this week. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of short stories and love the days of serialized and pulp stories. Hot Fudge is a collection of six short stories that dig into the emotional depth of desire and loss.

You can purchase Hot Fudge as a paperback or Hot Fudge as a Kindle version. Below is book copy found on Amazon!

In Richard Spilman’s New York Times Notable Book, Hot Fudge, he explores the depth of emotional loss, disappointment, and the darkness that lurks within us all.

Hot Fudge is Spilman’s debut collection of six short stories originally published by Simon and Schuster with critical acclaim noting Spilman’s “…dramatic voice… emotional conflict and ability to express emotion.”

“In six stories that explore the darkness and emptiness of ordinary lives, newcomer Spilman creates characters whose hopes and losses seem as likely as those of strangers one glimpses in a bus station and then remembers forever after.” –Publishers Weekly.

“Spilman’s stories are shadowed by an insistent spirituality. In evading the benevolent messiness of experience, the characters rarely rise to embrace the vagaries of grace that hover around them.” – New York Times Editor’s Choice.

“There was a day when short stories were as popular as novels, when good short stories were truly literature, the day of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and, a little later, Irwin Shaw… Now, after all too many years of being consigned to a minor role, the short story has made a comeback, and Richard Spilman’s Hot Fudgea collection of six stories, is an impressive example.” – Los Angeles Times


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