3 Ways to Journal Without a Pen – 3 of a 3 part series on journaling

When I talk to clients about journaling the most common objection is, “I don’t want to write.” Whether writing with a pen makes your hand hurt, or you feel that you just write too slow to keep up with your thoughts writing the old fashioned way can create a counter productive challenging when it is more work than you want to put into it.

Here are three ways to make your journaling a bit easier.

Use a journaling App

One of my favorite ways to journal the last few years is with an app called Penzu. They have a free and paid subscription that offers more options. The reason I enjoy typing on Penzu is that the app and the online version sync very well together. This allows me to add on as my days moves forward regardless of where I am.

While I recommend Penzu, there are several other journaling apps available. And if you want to make it super simple you can always create a Google Drive Journaling folder or a Word folder.

Video Journal

Not everyone enjoys seeing there self on screen, but vlogging is becoming a great way to get things across. While I don’t suggest publishing your video journal on Youtube, having a video journal is an interactive way to face yourself. Additionally, rewatching yourself can help you see the non-speech communication that expresses a lot more than just what your words are saying. I do have one client now who makes video journals every night. She says that when she’s feeling down, she enjoys watching the up-beat videos to remind her how beautiful she feels when she is happy and that being happy is a possibility.

Audio Journal

This is actually a new way to journal that I’ve recently taken up to help talk through some of my daily stressors. For me when I talk, even if it is just gobbly-gook, I can reduce anxiety and talk my way through understanding the stress in my life. I use a digital recorder and find that it’s been a great benefit lately.

The positive of an audio journal is that it is fast, simple, and all you need to do is talk. The challenge is that it is more difficult to go back and find the right entry if you want to listen to the journal again. What I do is label the entry as best as I can with the date, time, and some descriptive identifier. I will also audio journal multiple times a day in an effort to capture one or two small topics rather than covering an entire day or week’s worth of thoughts.


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