What to expect when you hire me to write your book

So, you’ve been thinking about writing a book for years, but don’t know what to expect when hiring a professional writer to help out. For someone like me who loves talking about writing a conversation on what to expect can get a little overwhelming. There is a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. I can help step you through the entire process as we go from nothing to a published book.

Even if you don’t have a book to write, but know someone who does, I encourage you to pass this information on. I provide a 10% referral fee to anyone who refers a new client. Payments are made when I am paid and are a great way to earn a passive income. Learn more about my referral fee here.

Here is what you can expect when hiring me to write your book.

Initial discussion

I’ve written about the “first call” several times in previous posts. In its simplest description, our first conversation is for me to learn about your project and you to learn a little about me. Our initial call will cover:

  • Your book idea
  • Cost and payment plans
  • Estimated timeline
  • How we will collaborate
  • Publishing goals

Cost and payments

Every book is a little different and the cost of your project can vary greatly from one person to the next based on the book’s needs. However, what I find is that most people who hire me have similarities in regard to genre and length. These two factors are key to figuring out a price and you can get a good idea of costs on my rates page.

For a quick breakdown I can provide a flat rate or hourly rate for your book. All projects start with a deposit which ranges from 25% to 35% of the books overall estimated cost. The project begins once the deposit has been made.

Additional payments are generally prepaid per milestone or equal weekly/biweekly payments with the last payment made upon completion of the book.

Estimated timeline

Due to collaboration, timelines can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you will be going into the project without an idea. I like to provide a fast, average, and long timeline. The fast timeline (about 3 months) is one which my client tells me to just “go” with little to no collaboration as we move forward. Often, these are novels, sometimes this can be achieved with other books too. An average timeline is just that. This is the average time most books take to write and is generally 4-6 months. Longer timelines range 9-12 months.

By providing three potential timelines, you will have an idea, based on how you prefer to collaborate, on how long your book will take to complete.

How we collaborate

Regardless of a book’s genre, they tend to follow the same progression:

  • Information gathering: Collecting information that will be used int he book. Often, this has already been compiled by the client. For novels, clients often have a plot, storyline, or outline prepared. For memoirs, information gathering starts with interviews.
  • Outline: Outlines can be detailed or they can be flexible. I prefer working with a flexible outline that often changes as the book progresses. What I like to provide for an outline is a basic structure of the book and summaries of each chapter. As we move foreward I provide a working outline that details what has been written and the next couple chapters.
  • Writing: This stage is when I begin writing the book and where collaboration differs most from one client to the next. Some clients want to talk every week and discuss each chapter as we move along. Others prefer to wait until the book is complete before they collaborate. For those who prefer to be involved while writing is being done, I will finish a chapter and begin the next while you read. Then, as I recieve feedback I will then make changes. This is a back and forth process that sometimes works smoothly and other times becomes difficult with so much change and back and forth.
  • Rewriting: At the completion of the first draft there is often some time of rewriting. Generally, rewrites are small and incorporated into the editing phase.
  • Editing: Once writing is complete I will complete a final edit. Some people prefer to hire additonal editors to have multiple eyes on the book, while others prefer to have me an their self as editors.
  • Proofread: For self-publishing, once the book is complete and the cover is complete, I will comeplete a final proofread of the interior and cover. We will also prepare text for publishing.


Regarding publishing I help with all aspects of your book, including self-publishing and traditional publishing. With self-publishing, I can provide all services to publish your book. With traditional publishing I can help with writing query letters, compiling lists of agents and publishers, and preparing your publishing packages including query letters, book summaries, and even setting up social media and an author website.


I’ve been writing books for over twenty years, and one of my greatest strengths is the ability to write your book and keep the process streamlined. While I love talking about the process of writing an details of publishing, I can provide as much or as little detail as you want. My goal is to provide a comfortable process.

If you have any questions or are ready to start your book, then contact me today!

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