First Writing Prompt of 2021

Hey All and welcome to 2021! I thought I would start today off with the first writing prompt of the year and as I often do it was pulled from life.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine passed away in Northern Minnesota. I wouldn’t say I am entirely over it, nor do I feel as if I should be. But, in an effort to keep his memory trudging along into 2021 this writing prompt is dedicated to Brian. Brian was an avid fan of mystery novels. The day after he passed I needed some time to myself and went for a walk along Devil’s Knob in Izard County, AR. Along that path I found a couple curious items that I took pictures of and did present a mild mystery of ideas in my mind.

The first item I found was a single, women’s glove. It was a couple feet from a 100 foot drop. The second item was a pink facemask tossed aside about one hundred feet up from the glove.

Try to come up with a story related to these to items and how they are connected. And remember, a good mystery is one with an unexpected outcome.

Below are a few more pictures of the Devil’s Knob trail for inspiration.


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