New short story ebook out in the Blue Star Series

Hey All,

Just wanted to send out a quick note that the short story, Mushroom Soup is now available on Amazon. Within the ebook you will also find previews of the first two novels in the Blue Star Series, Fall of the Drjeen and Birth of the Drajeen.

Sarah Cathey and I are nearing completion on the fourth book in the series and have decided to supplement some of the back stories with short ebooks. In Mushroom Soup, we travel back to the forced exodus of the lower settlement as a plague has taken over the Eastern Continent. While you know about the plague in the first novel, Fall of the Drjeen, a little hint went untold as the real queen of the Drjeen was secreted away and hidden among the peasant class of Drjeen. She alone held the secret that helped her people survive and flourish in later volumes. Find out here, the lore behind Perdoo.

You can find all of Sarah’s books on Amazon.


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