Reflection: How Can We Pay Tribute to John Lewis?

When I first came across this blog post, admitedly, I was taken aback. My assumption (I know, I know assumptions are evil) was that this was an attempt to say that John Lewis did not deserve tribute. Rather – and I must appologise to the author – this blog post was talking about, how can you possibly pay enough tribute to someone as amazing and who provided so much to our world as John Lewis?

I want to share this blog post because this is a good question to pose. This is a moment for a writing prompt – political, activism, domestic, loving, appreciative, or equal rights, how can you use this moment to share your thoughts on the legacy of our generation, and how John Lewis has impacted you, your family and friends, and the world?

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Please make sure you visit the blog Political Charge and read the rest of this post on the link below the image.

How can we pay tribute to John Lewis? By practicing activism.

Reflection: How Can We Pay Tribute to John Lewis? — Political⚡Charge


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