New Release: Rise of the Drajeen

Hi Everyone,

I’m very excited to announce the release of book three in the Blue Star Series, Rise of the Drajeen. When Sarah Cathey first approached me to help work on her book, Fall of the Drjeen it was a stand-alone book that she’d always held int he back of her mind. Now, heading on two years our relationship has brought three novels, all adventures on the planet Jeen creating the lore of what was once a single race broken into many, each with their own depth and unique characteristics.

Sarah and I have been discussing the world of Jeen and with several lingering questions from readers have decided to continue with the series with books four an five in progress as well as several short stories to capture characters, places, creatures and newly-founded tribes that escaped the blue star as well as the wrath of the Daejeen.

Stay tuned for future announcements and releases. In the meantime, please head on over to Amazon to get a copy of the following books. As with most book series it is recommended you read them in order.

Best wishes and I’d love the hear your feedback as well as see your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Best wishes!


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