New financial assistance to write your memoir or autobiography. Contact me today!

Most people know that one of my career goals is to help people tell their life story by offering relatively affordable rates to write your book. I also offer the opportunity for former clients, friends, relatives, and strangers to contribute to those who cannot afford to tell their story by offering gift cards and accepting donations.

All donations are applied to either a donor-specified project, or my queue of donation-requested projects you can find at the bottom of the gift cards and donations page. However, yesterday, I recieved a fun email from a former client with a unique request that might benefit you, a friend, or family member. The offer below is still eligible for 10% referral fees.

Here is the bulk of his email

“Jody, I don’t know if you remember me but you helped me to write my grandmother’s autobiography in 2009. She’s recently passed away, but the impact of her life story as a book was big for her. We didn’t know how much at the time, but before she passed she asked if it is possible to use some of our inheritence to help others write their story. We’ve been looking ever since to find out how to do this. I couldn’t find your contact info, but Googled your name and found your site. We were pretty excited to see that you have people who are looking for contributions. That might work for us. We hope so.

I dont know if this will work for you, but my sister and me think we could pay 25% of a person’s invoices up to $3,000. You offer more than when we worked together, so maybe this way instead of just giving someone $3,000, we can help several people.

We are trying to figure out if we want to do this anonomously or in our grandma’s name. Maybe you can give us your thoughts.”

I started offering donations several weeks ago and I’ve received numerous donations between $50 and $600 which I have been able to apply to one of the projects on my donation-queue list. This is the first request that can potentially be applied to multiple projects and I’m beyond excited.

So, if you, or someone you know is ready to start working on their life story let me know. The way this will work is:

  • First come first serve for the donations
  • These donations are open to new and current clients and it is requested if you are not in need that you allow someone in need accept the donation
  • Contact me to discuss your project and let me know if you are interested in taking this opportunity.
  • You will recieve an invoice for the full amount due regarding that payment, with a 25% contribution-discount on your invoice. This will show the donor that I am actually providing a discount for projects.
  • Once I have contacted the donor I will transfer the donation from my Square account to my business account.

A couple questions I anticipate

  • I have referred someone to you who would like to take advantage of this donation. Will I still receieve my 10% referral fee?

Answer: Yes, I will pay a 10% referral fee regardless of any donation or special I am running.

  • If I pay a deposit does that mean my whole book will receive a 25% discount, or are the discounts only for payments made?

Answer: This was something I talked with the donor exhaustively. We will offer discounts on payments made exclusive to legacy-type books because the donor would like the contribution to help as many people as they can. So, if you start with a $1,500 deposit you will pay $1,125 and the donor will pay $375. If you would like to start with a $4,000 deposit, you will pay $3,000 and the donor will pay $1,000.

  • Is the donation only available for legacy-type books?

Answer: Initially, this donation was only for legacy books such as memoirs and autobiographies. However, the donors have now agreed that any book-length writing and editing project can qualify. This donation will not be available for things such as small writing (blog posts, articles, etc.) or just publishing.

  • I am intending on paying for my project with gift cards, donations, and referral fees. Do I still qualify for this donation?

Answer: If you are paying for donations with gift cards and other donations, then yes, you may still apply this donation. However, since you are already receiving gift cards and donations I may request that you allow someone else to use this opportunity as you are already receiving assisstance. This may be on a case-by-case basis. If you are paying for your project with referral fees then you are not eligible for this donation as referal fees are a credit to your account, not an actual invoiced payment to your account.

  • When I receive an invoice, it will show the full amount of the invoice and have a discount for 25% which will be paid by the donor. What happens if the donor refuses to pay the remaining 25%. Will I be responsible for that amount?

Answer: No, you will not be responsible for that amount. The donor has already made their donation. I will provide documentation of how the money was used as it is used and for the donors records.

  • I’m really appreciative of this opportunity. Is there a way I can meet, call, or contact the donor to show my appreciation?

Answer: This is something I am still discussing with the donor. I’m trying to find a compromise that protects the donor’s privacy as well as helps to show your appreciation. Currently the donor wants to remain anonymous, though I will provide the donor with copies of each book the contribution was applied to. What I’ve seen is that about half of all donations request to remain anonymous. I will update this answer if the donor changes their mind.

This donation is nice opportunity and I hope you or someone you know are able to take advantage. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


I am a full-time freelance writer specializing in books, though I also write blogs, web-content, and handle several other types of projects. To see what I offer visit my rates page or contact me with specific queries and questions. I’m also available to help mentor you through your first book. I’d love to work with you, and if you know anyone else looking for a writer I offer a generous referral fee.

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