Writing Prompts to boost your memoir forward #2

I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years to write their memoirs. When I am asked what the most difficult part of writing a memoir for people is, my answer is simple, “Getting started.”

It seems everyone wants to write a book about their life, however, sitting down to do so is a lot harder than most people imagine – at least, that is how we are naturally wired to think. But, writing your memoirs isn’t difficult. After all, you are only retelling stories about your life that have already happened. Does it matter which stories you tell? Nope! Does chronology matter? Not unless you put your stories into a book, but that can be sorted later. Does it matter which part of your life you write about? Nope! Do you need to save the world to write a good book? Not at all.

Getting started. What does it take? Sometimes it takes a few writing prompts focusing on pivitol points in everyone’s life to get your brain-juice flowing freely.

Here are 3 writing prompts to free your mind and get you thinking. Be as specific as you can. Try to remember your emotions, smells, touch, and thoughts. If someone else was with you, what do you think they were thinking? Was there a later revelation? The goal of a writing prompt is to get you thinking, step out of your writing funk, and get your life on paper.


What noises did you hear when you woke up in the morning? Try to recall the noises, where those noises came from, and as much detail as you can recall.


List ten items you had in your bedroom as a child and why those items were important to you.


Did you have any pets or imaginary friends growing up? What were their names and what do you remember about them? What were your personal thoughts and emotions about your pet or imaginary friend?


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One thought on “Writing Prompts to boost your memoir forward #2

  1. Some interesting points here.
    Thanks for following Sound Bite Fiction.

    PS Don’t you think that ‘Shameless’ is somewhat redundant as used here?


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