New Book Package Offering: The Q/A Memoir

For some time now I have been trying to figure out a way to offer a budget-friendly memoir/autobiography book package. I’m hoping the Q/A Memoir package is the value people are looking for.

Over the years I have ammassed hundreds of questions that have helped prompt conversation about a person’s life. The Q/A Memoir is an opportunity to put those questions to a more plentiful use.

The goal of this package is to gather a list of fifty questions that I can use to interview you. I can either choose the questions or you can pull the questions from my list. I will then interview you, transcribe the interview and assemble a Q/A book for you including a cover (front, spine, and back). The book will look like any book you’d find at the store. I will include 10 copies of your book to keep or pass out to friends and family, with an option to buy additional copies.

The cost of this memoir package is $1,600. You can add images to the book for an additional $10 per image. Cost of additional books will be provided once I determine the print cost, but I estimate $7-$10 per book, plus shipping.

The Q/A Memoir package is an affordable for someone who wants to preserve their life story, or that of a loved one and save money while doing so.

As always, contact me with any questions, and I look forward to working with you soon!

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