Huge Thank You for Donations to Project: Rose

I was beside myself this morning when I receieved four donations for project “Rose” within 24 hours of updating her to the list of legacy projects in search of donations.

The Story: Rose contacted me four months ago in search of a writer to help with her memoir. Her income is through social security, so she didn’t have additional income to hire anyone. I provided her with several possible resources and contacted a few people on her behalf, but we came up empty handed.

Yesterday I updated the Gift Cards and Donation page to see if anyone would be interested in helping. Rose lives in Idaho, and while talking to one of her neighbors she mentioned my website. When her neighbor recognized the donation page for Rose’s project she contacted her three sisters who all donated enough money to complete Rose’s memoirs. The reason? Rose was more than a neighbor. When the women’s mother died at a young age, their father needed to work additional hours at work including nights and weekends. Rose raised the girls as her own for most of their childhood.

I can’t thank the sisters enough and am excited to begin working with Rose.

Thank you so much!

If anyone is interested in donating to projects listed at the bottom of the “Gift Cards and Donations Page” please click on the links, or contact me. You can also donate to general projects by clicking here. Any general donations will be distributed to projects based on need and age of project on the list. Donations can be made between $1 and $5,000.


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