The Divorce Dare Books 1 and 2 Free on Kindle – April 9-13

Monique Fuentes has also joined our campaign by providing two of her Divorce Dare eBooks free on Kindle.

The Divorce Dare is an eBook series dedicated to helping people overcome the immediate struggles that exist after divorce. Taking her own experiences, Monique has come up with several fun “dares” to get you going, seek your new self, find emotional and spiritual balance, and even get back up on that horse to begin dating again.

The Divorce Dare Book 1

In Divorce Dare Book 1, Monique explores her initial response to finding out about her husband’s infideltiy and her immediate responses then and how she reflects on them two years later.

The Divorce Dare Book 2

In Divorce Dare Book 2, Monique looks back on the red flags of infidelity that she seemingly ignored during the previous 24 years with her husband. There were a lot, but never quite the smoking gun. Monique uses her experiences to explore potential red flags which can be used as motivation to improve your life after divorce.

The Divorce Dare series is your guide to managing and improving your life after divorce. From understanding where your relationship fell apart to empowering yourself to an improved life after divorce.

Both ebooks will be available free on kindle over the Easter weekend from April 9 – April 13, 2020. As always, Monique will provide subscribers of Kindle Unlimted free books if you miss any of her book campaigns. If you are going through a divorce and need a laugh, a little empowerment or good discussion you can find Monique on her Facebook Page “The Divorce Dare Support Group.” Monique is full of energy, loves to share her insight, and is always willing to lend support.

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