Writing prompt – Politics, ugh!

This weekend was particularly busy talking to potential new clients. Though, one in particular was more interesting than most when he asked me my political affiliation. I’ve been drawn into this before, so I’m fairly versed in answering the quetsion without insulting anyone. Simply, “I don’t talk politics with clients.” My take is that I don’t want to insult anyone with my views, or take myself away from the firm belief that everyone has a right to their own belief system. In fact, many books I work on are no reflection of my personal beliefs.

So, today I was thinking about the varying sides of politics while scrolling through Facebook and how angry people are getting over whether someone shares their opinion or not. Opinions are strong and yes I do have a side I prefer. However, I also realize that I don’t know “all of the story” and I am not lost on the number of quality people in my life who I would lose if I let politics rule my life.

This brings me to today’s writing prompt.

Writing prompt – look to the other side

This prompt may be difficult for some – most. I would like you to write a personal essay on a subject that you feel strongly about. But, I want you to write the argument against your beliefs – without satire. Your essay should be researched and written as if this is your belief and that you are a rational person making the argument.

If you’ve ever taken a debate class or class on theory, critical thinking, or philosophy, this is a common exercise. It’s not always easy, but an essay like this can teach you a lot about yourself and how short-sighted we can ALL be when firmly strict to our own belief system while diminishing anothers.

Your topic can be on a recent political decision, administration policies, or whatever you want. The only requirement is that you are arguing against your own fundamentals and doing so with a genuine interest, non-satirical way.

This writing prompt is not to change minds, but rather open up or refresh our minds. Understanding perspective and why someone believes differently than you is critical to becoming a good writer. It’s also a good way to maintain freindships.

I look forward to reading your essays, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the exercise. If you use this writing prompt on your own blog, please share a link so we can all see how talented you are!


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