James Rollins new book, "The Last Odessey" and his writing process – a video

As many people know, my favorite author is the children’s writer, Lloyd Alexander who wrote the Prydain Chronicles. It was his stories of adventure that got me interested in writing and the writers I follow the most stem from that same branch. I love writers such as Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, and my favorite the last decade or so, James Rollins.

Rollins new book The Last Odessey is now available in book stores and online. I happened upon a video of his from March 20, 2020 where he provides insight into his new book, his writing process, and his office, as well as answers some fan questions. It is not often that I come across videos of writers talking writing in their office, but I’m encouraged to see more. Rollins is an avid user of social media, especially instagram, so his fans tend to get a good look into his working, and sometimes home life.

If you’re curious about his life as a full time writer, his writing process, and where his books are created take a look at the video. I found it interesting and hopefully you will too. If you want to learn more about The Last Odessey, I’ll let James Rollins tell you about it homeself in the video below. It’s about fifty minutes long, but worth it if you are a fan or writer.

If James Rollins happens upon this blog post I extend an open offer to visit Izard County, AR, explore some of our caves, and if you are looking for a co-author for a book…ehem… I know a guy who’d love to work with you #shamefulplug.

Best wishes everyone – don’t forget social distancing, washing your hands, spending time with your family, and of course, common sense. I know for many of you you are frustrated and anxious not being able to work, but remember that more small businesses are started by people who have been laid off, terminated, or forced to stay home from work than any other expeience. Use your time wisely by loving your family and pursuing your passions.

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