Monday morning writing prompt: Not for the weak.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Dystopian stories are coming to life behind the scenes of nearly every keyboard in America right now. It happens. Every natural disaster, doomsday prophecy, and virus outbreak brings forward millions of new stories from writers. But, for now let’s table those thoughts and focus on something else.

Today’s writing prompt is about harnessing your own powers.

Writing prompt: Turn your greatest fear or weakness and turn it into a superpower, but doesn’t make you a cape wearing, web-spinning superhero

Are you afraid of heights in real life? Perhaps you harness that fear into saving an endangered species only found at the peak of Switzerland’s Alps.

Are you afraid of snakes? Maybe you develop a serum that makes a poisonous bite inocuous.

Are you horrible with grammar? Perhaps, you tutor a child who eventually becomes your foster child.

Turning your greatest fear or weakness into a real-life superpower is something that we all have the ability to do both on paper and in real life. It just takes super people to achieve this.

So, as you sit in your living room wondering when you’ll step back out into a social life, let’s evaluate our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Have fun writing, stay focused, have fun, and be safe. Don’t forget to share your stories and keep writing!

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