Short Story – Kneedrop, $0.99 on Amazon. Free on Kindle Unlimited

Looking for a quick read while hanging out at home? I will be releasing short stories and novellas from now until 2021 providing lore into The Dark Wood novel series coming out next year.

Kindle lovers, Kneedrop, is available on Amazon for $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited for free.

Kneedrop is the first glimpse into several characters, foremost Tyran, the warrior Nightstalker, the Kneedrop family and their poisoned fruits, and the Dustblowers who shift from human form to sand as relentless mercenaries. Kneedrop takes place simultaneously to the first short story, The Dark Wood, which tells the openning lore of Adaline, a young enchantress pursued by three nefarious strangers.

While working on the book series the last few years it became evident that several characters deserve foreshadowing to fully understand their past and the history of The Dark Wood. Over the next few months I will be releasing several stories to help the reader better understand this world, its characters, and the shadows which lurk in the woods.

Kneedrop is the story of Tyran, who after the great wars, has been stationed to the guard tower overseeing the town of Carthing on the edge of The Dark Woods. The story begins when Tyran finds a child with a poisoned Kneedrop apple, and the deed which will change Tyran’s life, and that of the Dark Woods forever.

Buy The Dark Wood on Amazon today or read free with Kindle Unlimited to get your first glimpse of Adeline’s world and what is to come.

What is Kindle Unlimted?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service through Amazon which allows readers to read millions of books, magazines, and audiobooks for about $10/month. This service has a great mix of books, short stories, novellas, and more for one low rate. Read as much as you want for the price of a single book. All of my books and short stories can be found in Kindle Unlimited and can be read on your Kindle device, or Kindle Apps which are free to download on any tablet, smart phone, PC, or laptop.

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