Scheduling Time when you Work from Home

I’ve often written on working from home and scheduling time. It seems that in the current coronoavirus environment, learning how to work from home is more important than ever. So, this week I will be focused on providing tips, info, and other information on working from home, from those who do.

Cafe Legacy

When I began writing 20 years ago – or more appropriately ghostwriting back then – I could find 10 or so hours in my week, beyond my “real job,” to write. Some days I would wake up an hour early, and other days I would wait until the kids went to sleep. I even wrote while watching television. However, as the years went by, the family grew, as did time constraints. That 8 hours of sleep I may have gotten in college was whittled down to 7, then 6, and sometimes 5 or 4. Time was suddenly not only difficult to find, but often impossible.

Like many part-time writers, I craved to work from home. My clients had been asking for more of my time, and the conversation of working full-time was common with clients, family, and frequently internalized. Eventually, the time came and I stepped into the role of…

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