5 ways to write a memoir for a “boring” life

Cafe Legacy

If I hear one more person tell me they have had a boring life and don’t think they have anything to write about, I’ll just throw my new iPhone 11 into the burn barrel. Sometimes that is genuinely how I feel, but in reality, I’m not impulsive enough to melt my phone. However, I am empathetic to someone who feels their life is both boring and not worth writing about.

The fact is that most people think they’ve led a boring life. But, really, did you? Have you never had any interests? Have you not been in the same crazy world as me and not had a thought of anything that has happened in the last 25+ years? Are you not knowledgeable in something? Anything? The reason people feel they have led a boring life is because we equate our lives as events, actions, and consequences. We forget that thoughts…

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