Adding the filler: Three ways to add more to your memoir.

Cafe Legacy

For years, the word filler was, at least to me an evil word. I tend to come from the Hemingway school of thought that you keep your writing concise. That was a young me. While I still believe in this line of thinking, what changed is distinguishing two words: filler and fluff.

The filler is something within the text such as background information, a new character, thoughts; basically context.

Fluff is adding irrelevant words or information. For example, “The man who brought me my umbrella is the same man who was holding the umbrella and then handed it to me. That was the man, the stranger, the guy, who handed me the umbrella.” That sentence sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, you might be surprised how often I see sentences like these.

So, why does fluff exist? 

Fluff exists because people are trying to expand their story so it appears longer…

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