A Memoir as a Gift: Writing a book for someone without the person knowing

Cafe Legacy

When people think of writing books, the thought is generally driven by their own life; obstacles, passions, and ideas. However, I do occasionally come across someone – or two people in the past week – who have inquired on how to write a book for someone without that person knowing. I’m not talking a “Fire and Fury” fly on the wall take of the Whitehouse, I am talking about a gift of someone’s life to that person.

Understandably, this can be a tough task considering no one will know their life better than the person you want to write about. Yet, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible and here is where you will learn a few tricks to get a little more insight into your loved one’s life.

Perspective: Perspective of a person’s life does not always have to be their own. In fact, biographers have made millions of dollars not giving…

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