Tuesday morning writing prompt

I hope everyone’s writing has been going well. I’ve started to receive a few emails with unique and creative plots and characters. Some stories I hope, as suggested, writers submit to contests.

When I first started this blog a couple years ago I really just wanted to provide a little resource depository of articles for someone interested in writing their personal history. But, if you follow me you know it has grown significantly into a site that provides tips for people who want to write their life story, tips on how to write better, recommendations, and how to become a work from home writer. I’m sure there is much more to come. With so much change, I debated whether or not I wanted to include writing prompts. After all, they are seemingly everywhere. But, as Jackson028 wrote me when she submitted her story sometimes a little more context in a writing prompt helps to get the mind flowing and that is not something many Twitter writing prompts, or even blog writing prompts provide. So, with that in mind I will try to keep my focus in providing a little context into how I came about a writing prompt and providing a degree of context to help you along.

Curiosity writing prompt

If you followed my two previous writing prompts you’ll know I was on a little trip to the Nashville area. On my way back I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I got back and things were different. For example, the house renovations we have planned would be completed, my three-year-old would be speaking as a five-year-old, and my six-year-old daughter would be playing a guitar. I’m not talking time travel here, I am talking about a shift. I leave one day, and when I return the next, life is the same, but so much is different.

So, your prompt is: What happens when you come home from a trip, but realize you have not arrived at all.

Sound confusing? You bet it is, and sometimes it is your own interpretation that makes the best and most diverse, unique, and creative stories.

Best wishes in your writing, and remember that I am a writer with loads of experience. If you have questions, comments, or even suggestions for blog posts pass me a note. If you need someone to coach you into your own career, write a book, write blog posts, or critique your manuscript I’m available for hire. Contact me here.

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