Saturday writing prompt

I took a day off to visit my son and bring him a new dog, Marlowe. Every time we come out to visit him in Hendersonville, TN I stay at the same place – an inexpensive Motel 6 only a couple miles over in Goodlettsville. I ended up staying here on a fluke a couple years ago because it was the only place with a vacancy that night, but what I found was a clean and comfortable hotel, with friendly people at the front desk and a Starbucks across the street.

So, what does the Goodlettsville, TN Motel 6 have to do with a writing prompt? Well, in case you know nothing about Hendersonville, as I didn’t years ago, it is outside of Nashville and has been home to the likes of Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes, and a ton of others, not to mention those in surrounding neighborhoods and cities. It’s also very beautiful with rolling hills, horse pastures and stunning houses nearly everywhere you look.

This all got me thinking. What if, at my cheap Motel 6, I step out of my door and there is Taylor Swift and a scarf covered face, she says hi, and discreetly walks back into her room? What if Keith Urban is in the front office pouring himself a cup of coffee at 5:00AM?

So, this is your assignment folks. Your Saturday morning writing prompt is to imagine you are staying at a cheap hotel when you realize a celebrity is in the room next to you. Do you share breakfast with them? Do you say hi? Do they spend the night drinking with you and watching Family Guy? Why are they staying at that hotel? Is there something nefarious amiss? Are they hiding from fans or stalkers? Do they simply need to get away from all the fuss of their celebrity life?

Best wishes on your writing today, don’t forget to always write, be prolific, and good things will happen.

If you are in need of a writer to help with your memoirs, autobiography, or even a novel or blog posts then contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

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