Sci-Fi writing prompt or personal essay – burial pods

Years ago I read an article about Capsula Mundi in the Business Insider. The basic idea is that when a person dies they are placed into a pod which then allows your body’s nutrients to “feed the earth in a way sustainable for future generations.” These eco-pods are currently produced to contain a deceased person’s ashes which will be buried with a sapling (young tree). Ultimately these eco-pods can revolutionize current burial trends and instead of cemeteries each pod can be transformed into a tree and create new forests and parks. It is a really interesting premise for me, and one I would partake in – if it weren’t illegal pretty much everywhere.

Designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli

But, for our writing prompts lets dig into this (pun intended) and imagine ourselves 100 years in the future, which also happens to be 75 years after burial eco-pods became legal. We now have forests and parks dedicated, like cemeteries, to the burial of peoples’ ashes. You can imagine the thoughts of hauntings, ghosts, and more that this opens up for writers. So, let’s have at it. Place your story in a time where burial eco-pod forests are the norm, but imagine something unexpected that comes from these burial forests. Fun, scary, interesting, philosophical where will your story go.

If you aren’t into fiction, then write an essay discussing your thoughts on the subject of eco-pod burials. This is a more sustainable way to preserve and improve our ecological world, but can also become a cultural mess for much of societies current belief systems. What do you think and do you have the capacity to weigh both sides, or do you favor one side over the other.

Best wishes and I hope these writing prompts bring you a fresh way of seeing the world around you.

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