New Book Release: My Uncle Gloria

I’m finally getting to posting some of my recent projects. As many of you know, in addition to writing memoirs I also provide editing and coaching services. With My Uncle Gloria, I worked on rewrites, edits, coaching and the publishing process.

My Uncle Gloria is the memoir of Steven Shulman, who spent the glorious days of his life enjoying the days of sex, drugs and rock’roll right up until his stint in prison. He is described as a self-proclaimed throwaway kid, with his only male role model his rogueish and tough Uncle Butch.

MUG ebook cover (3)However, their relationship would soon dissolve and Steven would once again feel the solitary conviction of abandonment.

It wouldn’t be until decades later that Steven would once again reunite with his Uncle Butch – Now his dominatrix Aunt Gloria. Butch had, in his 60s surprised everyone by undergoing a gender change.

How will the family bravado and dysfunction handle this change? Read My Uncle Gloria to find out!

You can find My Uncle Gloria on or at

Steven is a lover of animals and founded a non-profit to provide immediate emergency funding for animals in need. The money made on his books and other ventures go toward funding Animal Care Now.

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